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Systemic inequality in America was constructed as a means of dividing a people for capital. Slavery, wage inequality, and environmental injustice are all fixtures of this system, and most recently the COVID-19 pandemic has shined a greater light on such disparities. In the aftermath of the crisis, the US will no doubt engage in a frenzy of restorative and rebuilding efforts,likely pitting communities against one another as groups claim priority access to recovery resources.  


These inequities are only symptoms of the ecology of inequality.  Instead of becoming competitors for shares of a dwindling pie that will almost certainly be too small, we can create solidarity that make way for mutual support and care, that give birth to new moral fusion coalitions, that ignite modes of recovery—and start us on the path to equity.

In the video below, Dominic T. Moulden presents on how to face our fears with Finding what we're FOR and how the natural world inspires and offers lessons on moral fusion coalition as collective recovery.

This video was recorded in April 2020 at 400 Years of Inequality's Online Symposium during the early stages of the Coronavirus pandemic.

With a moral fusion coalition we can face present challenges—the Coronavirus pandemic, climate change, police violence—and future challenges with a strategy that ties us together and builds our power to defend the rights of all beings and to secure good physical and emotional health for all communities.

We must rise together for voting rights. 

We must rise together for immigration reform.

We must rise together for indigenous rights. 

We must rise together to fight poverty, not the poor. 

We must rise together for living wages and housing for all and health   care for all and clean and affordable water for all. 

We must rise together for free, diverse, high-quality public

 education for all. 

We must rise together for tax fairness and an end to wealth inequality.

We must rise together to end the new Jim Crow and mass incarceration.

We must rise for peace and the end of militarism and the war economy. 

We must rise together for real domestic security: jobs, income, housing,   education, health care, and water.  

     - Reverend Barber

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