Reverend William Barber's Seven Sins of Inequality in the U.S.

In his homily, Rev. Barber explains how “bad biology, sick sociology, political pathology, evil economics, corruptible courts, militia madness, and heretical ontology...are the seven sins that under-girded the system of slavery.”  Below we outline the ideas that perpetuate each of the seven sins.

Beliefs that perpetuate each of these seven sins are:

Bad Biology

"Some folks are just made like this."

Sick Sociology

"These people cannot exist with us."

Political Pathology

"Inequality is the result of individual failure."

Evil Economics

"The accumulation of wealth justifies the means."

Corruptible Courts

"We uphold the laws, we do not make them."

Militia Madness

"We are patriots. We suppress rebellions."

Heretical Ontology

"The poor will always be with us; God meant it this way."